Get Well Sif

Okay, so... no webcomic this week. I've had a pretty rough week, with a death in the family and Sif having to go to an out of hours vet hospital at 3am for what has turned out to be kidney stones... He's home and safe now, though! (Albeit with more bald patches than usual from where he was shaved for an ultrasound)

So between being in mourning, sleep deprived, and worrying that my cat was gonna die... I've just not been in a postition to draw a strip.

I plan to have the comic back up and running for next week, and in the meantime you can check out my twitter and instagram (@themysteriousmj) to see my daily drawings for Inktober this year. (For some reason I've been able to keep up with these ok despite everything. I think drawing something non-diary helps me deal with stress whereas as making comics about myself at this kind of time is really difficult)